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Tuberculosis & HIV in pregnancy – A concerning state of affairs

Tuberculosis, historically one of the most significant global public health concerns, remains an infection of concern, especially during pregnancy. 


Is SA training enough doctors and nurses, and can we put them to use where they are needed? 

Sufficient ratios of doctors and nurses relative to a country’s overall population prefigure quality healthcare and patient safety. With only 23 HCWs to every 10,000 people, SA falls short of UN targets.


COVID-19 – A watershed moment for laboratory medicine in Africa

Laboratory medicine has historically been poorly understood, undervalued, and often overlooked. Over the past two and a half years, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for a greater appreciation for laboratory medicine, and a surge of investment into this crucial component of Africa’s healthcare system.


Charting a path for sustainable healthcare in Africa through technology

The role of digital health and health technology in achieving a sustainable health system in Africa will be one of the key themes at this year’s Africa Health Conference, set to get underway in October.  


Africa’s Largest Healthcare Event Gears up for a Return to In-Person Business in 2022 

With Africa’s economies and health systems beginning to recover from the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the region’s focus must once again return to meeting the healthcare goals and standards set out in the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 


Healthcare takes centre stage at 2022 Africa Health Congress

As African economies begin to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, there is increasing recognition that prioritising investment into health systems will improve resilience, increase equity, and promote economic security.
COVID -19: 67,000 health workers vaccinated in 10 days

Since the South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination programme began ten days ago, more than 67,000 health workers have been inoculated. All nine provinces have also established vaccination sites. This week, government is aiming to increase the number of sites from 17 to 49. 
Focusing on Africa’s challenges and opportunities in digital health

Omnia Health Live Africa set to bring together policy drivers, thought leaders, expert clinicians and decision-makers to transform healthcare's most pressing challenges through collaboration and empowerment.
Omnia Health Live Africa: Keeping the global healthcare industry connected virtually

Omnia Health Live Africa attendees will access over 30 clinical and business sessions that will feature more than 110 global speakers.
Quantum Leap: AI in Africa is the future of healthcare, believes Brian de Francesca

Seasoned healthcare veteran Brian de Francesca is a man who doesn’t mince his words. “Healthcare is a dinosaur, “ the Baltimore founder of digital health platform Ver2 began, setting the tone for what was to become an interesting conversation.
Kenya’s healthcare system embraces tech

Kenya is known as one of the early adopters and front runners of technology and innovative ICT solutions.The traditional Kenyan healthcare system as we knew it entailed seeing a traditional healer, herbalist or spiritualist for ailments.
#Covid-19: Oxygen Emergency Taskforce launched as Africa struggles with shortage

As the demand for oxygen soars across the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organisation says there is a growing shortage in Africa and Latin America.




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29 May 2019

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29 May 2019