Day one highlights


Over 10000 health industry professionals from throughout Africa attended day one of the 2018 Africa Health Exhibition and Conference in Johannesburg today where healthcare manufacturers, distributors and service providers showcased their offerings to this global healthcare hub.


Ryan Sanderson, Exhibition Director for Africa Health says that over 550 exhibitors and over 150 local and international conference speakers will share the latest insights into new technologies and trends within the healthcare sector.


“We are excited at the prospect of reaching delegates from across Africa, and to be able to share information on cutting edge technology and services that will enable greater access to healthcare within the region”, says Sanderson.


Among these is multinational giant, General Electric, who views the Africa Health Exhibition and Congress as a key entry to different and diverse markets which are often difficult to penetrate. With products ranging from baby warmers and incubators to the high-tech cyclotron, which produces radio isotopes, this forum provides the opportunity for GE to reach healthcare institutions from throughout Africa and across all fields of medicine.


Speaking at the event today, Graham Maritz, Southern Africa General Manager said that the forum enables General Electric to demonstrate its presence in Africa and strategy for growth within the region, adding that, “Our motto of ‘making a difference in moments that matter’ means a focus on outcomes and the impact on a patient.”


The partner country for both the 2018 and 2019 editions of Africa Health is India, which boasts a presence of 52 exhibiting companies represented under the umbrella of coordinating authority, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).


Manjeet Kaur, Director for FICCI says that, representing Indian companies under one umbrella enables a collective approach to promoting the Indian healthcare sector.


“The Africa Health conference allows us to promote cooperation between India and Africa so that trade is enhanced. It is a forum which allows India to showcase what it has to offer and also provides an opportunity for us to learn about the healthcare requirements in other regions”, she says.


Launch of world-first in-ear monitoring app


The World Health Organisation indicates that 1.1 billion youth are at risk of developing hearing loss and that hearing loss among teenagers has risen from 3.5% to 5.3% between 1994 and 2006, adding that the rate of listening to music through headphones has increased to 75% for this group.


Proudly South African startup company, hearX Group, with partner company Listen Longer today launched their groundbreaking monitoring app for the prevention and detection of hearing problems, at the Africa Health Exhibition and Congress.


dbTrack is an exciting and easy to use digital solution for the threat of hearing loss, as it tracks listening behaviors for users in their ear canal. It incorporates a monitoring device, built into dbTrack’s certified earphones, which measures noise exposure in the canal for music listeners. When paired with the certified app on a smartphone it will cleverly indicate when the listener has reached their daily sound exposure in order to avoid ear damage.


“With the growing trend of earphone usage, it’s no longer a feasible solution to expect people to stop using these devices. The dbTrack allows people to self-regulate because it measures the volume and informs you for how long the listener can sustain that volume before suffering potential hearing loss”, explains Reáni Fouché, Business Analyst for Listen Longer.


Tanya Boretti, Marketing Manager for the hearX Group explains that the dbTrack is a device which the audiology market can recommend to their patients and which allows patients to take responsibility for their own hearing health. “Smartphone solutions, like the dbTrack, are important in areas like Africa where there is a shortage of healthcare resources because it decentralizes healthcare and uses technology to increase access to healthcare”, says Boretti.


Tshemba’s win-win ‘voluntourism’ solution


Showcasing their unique offering at the Africa Health 2018 Exhibition is the Tshemba Foundation who provide a unique opportunity for both local and international health professionals to help those in dire need of medical attention while enjoying the country’s rich wildlife.


With the goal of improving access to healthcare for low-income communities in Limpopo and Mpumalanga and upskilling local healthcare providers, Tshemba’s novel solution provides an enriching opportunity for those health professionals wishing to make a difference.


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