Stop Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

The European Pharmacopeia clearly defines the pathogenic bacteria that cannot be present in the Medical Devices because they could affect the human body system, causing Hospital Acquired Infections. However, in recent years, the excessive use of antibiotics, disinfectants and preservatives has exposed patients and care givers to an increasing risk of infection from non-pathogenic organisms. These bacteria are defined “opportunistic or objectionable organisms”.

The threat varies in accordance to the susceptibility of the person to develop an infection after exposure to an organism. The higher likelihood of infection is reflected in vulnerable patients who are immunocompromised because of underlying disease, severity of illness, immunosuppressive medications, and surgical treatment.

This underlines the major role of the caregiver whose responsibility is to properly select the Medical Device to be used based on the severity of the patient’s conditions and the guarantee of minimal presence of objectionable organism in the product.

Welcare Industries Spa will take the opportunity of Africa Health 2017 to introduce two different solutions to deal with HAIs challange:

  • Easy+Derm Skincare™, sterile Medical Device class IIa, for the daily hygiene of critical patients more susceptible to Hospital Acquired Infections because of their underlying diseases or invasive monitoring;
  • The Sinaqua™ total body cleansing system, Medical Device class I, widely used for the daily care of bed ridden patients, now thermally disinfected in accordance with ISO 15883:2014 to guarantee a product virtually “bacteria free”.