Surgeon Alert: Double your energy with THUNDERBEAT - world’s first vessel-sealing and tissue-cutting device now in Africa

Olympus THUNDERBEAT Type S is also world’s first to provide Intelligent Tissue Monitoring

Johannesburg, South Africa: The world's first and only vessel sealing and tissue cutting device – THUNDERBEAT from Olympus - has come to Africa.

And, with its Intelligent Tissue Monitoring technology, it allows surgeons to work faster with better precision and doubles their energy in the OR.

THUNDERBEAT is also the only advanced energy system that delivers two well-established forms of energy simultaneously. It is integrated with both Advanced Bipolar as well as Ultrasonic Energy.

Olympus’ cutting edge medical technology is being displayed at Africa Health, which runs from 7th to 9th of June at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg in South Africa.

“Olympus is very bullish about Africa as we believe it is the world’s next growth area,” says Maurice Faber, Regional Managing Director for Olympus Middle East & Africa.

“We want to help leverage the vast potential of Africa and that is why we are investing in bringing our high-end technology, training and expertise to raise the standards of healthcare on the continent,” Faber added.

Optimal Temperature

The new Intelligent Tissue Monitoring function ensures the probe temperature is optimally controlled during dissections by automatically stopping the energy output of the device as soon as the tissue transection is completed.

This innovation is the world’s first for ultrasonic-driven technologies.

THUNDERBEAT also delivers two well-established forms of energy to  tissue simultaneously. The Unique Hybrid Technology combines ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy in just one device. Surgeons now have a dissector and cutting instrument (ultrasonic energy) as well as a sealing instrument (bipolar energy) for vessels, at their fingertips.

This combination doubles surgeon’s energy and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating room.

Precise, Safe & Minimally Invasive

THUNDERBEAT Type S enables precise dissection close to vital structures thanks to minimal thermal spread and the accurately targeted application of energy to the tissue.

If the solution detects a sudden change of pressure on the probe, the information is transmitted to the generator, which immediately stops the energy supply and provides audible feedback to indicate that the cooling phase is commencing.

Residual probe temperatures thereby decrease by 26.9 percent to substantially reduce the potential risk of subsequent accidental tissue damage.

Safe performance and versatility have been a hallmark of THUNDERBEAT from the very beginning. With THUNDERBEAT Type S, Olympus has introduced the next generation of safety and speed for open and laparoscopic surgery.

High Operating Speed

The Unique Hybrid Technology leads to unprecedented fast tissue transection with less interrupting instrument exchanges.

This may not only result in a reduced operating time, it also allows surgeons to concentrate wholly on the task at hand throughout the entirety of the procedure being undertaken. The resulting potential saving of material and time makes THUNDERBEAT one of the most efficient advanced energy instruments on the market.


THUNDERBEAT Type S at a glance

  • Intelligent Tissue Monitoring ensures probe temperature is optimally controlled during dissections, as the energy output will automatically be stopped as soon as the tissue transection is completed.
  • Ultraprecise Tissue Dissection through the wide reach of the slim tip, the high tip-opening force and the unique Type S technology for minimal thermal spread.
  • Advanced Hemostasis: Advanced bipolar technology enables superior primary and secondary hemostasis resulting in reduced blood loss and optimal visibility on anatomic structures.
  • High Operating Speed: Fast tissues transection with less interrupting instruments exchanges lead to a reduced operating time and allow surgeons to concentrate more on surgery over the whole length of the procedure.

Unique Hybrid Technology: The combination of ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy doubles your energy – and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating room.

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THUNDERBEAT from Olympus Corporation

THUNDERBEAT in action in the OR

THUNDERBEAT in action in the OR

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