Fapon, Chinese IVD Giant Premiers to Back Africa Healthcare Agenda

Dongguan, China, 14 May 2019: The Chinese IVD giant Fapon Biotech Inc.(Fapon) will have its first showcase at booth 4.A11 to reveal an extensive reagent raw material menu and multiple innovation one-stop solutions. Fapon has 18 years of profound industry experience in the IVD market and more than 700 customers around the world. Through the participation of Africa Health, Fapon aims to confirm its brand presence and seeks collaboration to enhance the healthcare sector in Africa.

With excellent skills in product R&D and application, Fapon launched multiple one-stop solutions since 2017 and captured markets rapidly within the APAC region. At this premier, Fapon will highlight the Immunofluorescent POCT Solution that offers reagents and analyzers with a package of outstanding features, including:

  • Result within 10 mins
  • ≥ 0.95 clinical correlation to central lab CLIA systems
  • 50T/H Single Channel & 40T/H Multi-Channel
  • 12 test categories in total 37 assays
  • 3 steps easy operation from sample to result
  • 1280*800 large touch screen

Fapon is the leader of the Chinese IVD reagent raw materials market. Its world-class antibodies, antigens and enzymes have edged out many international top brands and exported to more than 35 countries. With the purpose to tackle local disease burden, Fapon specifically selected reagent raw materials for Dengue, Malaria, TORCH, Syphilis and Typhoid that applicable in POCT, ELISA, CLIA and Biochemistry platforms to highlight in the exhibition.

Fapon’s novel technology brings great opportunities for healthcare professionals to make differences within the industry by sharing a mutual goal to improve medical access