ELMED Publication

After 25 Years of excellence in the field of surgical instrumentation, Elmed Instruments today stands as one of the most reputed and ambitious company in its niche. Living to the value of responsibility, we aim to achieve and be a key contributor in setting benchmarks globally. Elmed Instruments has since gained recognition as providing instruments at the highest quality with an increasing focus on providing a complete range of instruments to meet the demand of our customers. The company’s constant pursuit towards responsibility has given us an edge over both quality and prompt services.

We have significantly gained the most loyal customer following over the years, constantly seeking to innovate and meet the worldwide trends in instrumentation. With this we look forward to clients who are set to seek the highest quality of instruments to meet their needs.

Historical Background
We have a century old history in surgical instrumentation. Transformed into Elmed Instruments in 1994, Elmed's family inherits 110 years of experience in the craftsmanship of surgical instruments. Since then Elmed Instruments has been selected by the world’ best suppliers/importers. Company has list of satisfied customers all over the world. Elmed Instruments manufactures surgical instruments for international brands and also sells with its own name. Almost all reputed medical facilities of Pakistan like CMH, Agha Khan and Cardiac Panel Unit prefer to use our surgical instruments. More than a century’s old craftsmanship, seasoned management and disciplined supervision has made this organization an asset for the world. Elmed’s management never keep profits in mind but prefer quality experience for the customers and end users. Production of high-tech custom designed certified instruments were never easy as company kept its doors open for feedback and adaptations. Throughout the journey of manufacturing quality surgical instruments, Elmed Instruments always relied on latest technology and automation. This culture of innovation dwells every single day at Elmed Instruments propelling the continuous improvement.

Social Welfare
Elmed Instruments passionately contributes in the social reforms, providing jobs to more than 1000 families. It is a home for many individuals of various walks of life. Elmed Instruments provide transportation system to its workers, EOBI, Group Insurances, food and perks to all who serve in this reputable organization. Elmed Instruments has a target to be a green and environmentally friendly company. Company has installed water filtration plants, and also an active donor of various charity organizations who work for the wellbeing of underprivileged.

Not just limited to one or few categories, Elmed has mastered its technologies in all kinds of instruments that include Dental, Ophthalmic, Hollow/Mesh ware, Orthopedic, Plastic surgery and thirty-three sub-categories of general surgical instruments. There is almost zero out sourcing because company monitors all processes to keep flawless quality. Elmed Instruments is the master in diversification of instruments of various quality and finishing. For quality conscious customers Elmed Instruments is offering top range called “Elegance” which is manufactured with better raw material and improvised engineering. Remember that Elmed Instruments provides both reusable and single use surgical instruments.