Welcome to the new face of voluntourism

It is with great excitement that Tshemba Foundation will attend the Africa Health expo to introduce our unique offering to the medical industry in Africa. Africa Health is an exceptional event that enables medical professionals across the sphere to meet, network and collaborate, ultimately taking new developments even further. Other than Tshemba, you can expect to see over 553 companies there.  

Tshemba Foundation gives medical professionals (local and abroad) the chance to give back to the community, help those in dire need of medical attention, and find their love of the art of medicine again.

Our volunteer programme is one of a kind as Moditlo private game reserve (where volunteers will reside) is a perfect doctor’s refuge. Medical specialists and their partners can stay at the five-star doctor’s refuge free of charge on a self-catering basis, while they explore Hoedspruit and surroundings, and work at the Tintwalo Hospital and affiliated clinics.

“I was blown away; it’s so much more than I expected. The lodge is stunning, luxurious and safe. I will always remember the elephants and being stuck in an elephant-traffic jam; but most of all, the children at the crèche and their beautiful songs,” comments Dr Maria Pestana.

Tshemba’s goal is to improve access to healthcare in low-income communities in Limpopo and Mpumalanga while enriching the lives of the qualified medical professionals who join our volunteer programme.

Dr Hennie Nortje, a Diabetologist, comments, “the staff is overwhelmed by the amount of work, yet they hunger for knowledge and are incredibly friendly. Even the patients are humble, friendly and unbelievably grateful. The whole experience left me in awe, and I am thrilled to return.”

Our call is this: Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever your field of medical expertise, we invite you to volunteer at Tshemba Foundation.

We are ecstatic to see how the medical field is developing and to meet new people. Find our stand - 4C50 - between 29 and 31 May 2018 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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 About Tshemba Foundation

We offer a unique voluntourism programme. Our aim is to improve access to healthcare in low-income communities in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, while enriching the lives of qualified medical professionals. Our volunteers (local and international) reside in a 5-star lodge, while providing essential medical care at the surrounding hospitals and clinics, as well as upskilling local healthcare providers. Visit www.tshembafoundation.org or contact Barbara Mcgorian [email protected] for more information.