Managing your Assets and Employees Effectively

Thembekile Asset Management Solutions (TAMS) have once again stepped up to the challenge of making a name for themselves at the recent Africa Health Exhibition held in Midrand at the Gallagher Conference Venue.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is terminology that is becoming more frequently recognized as not only the means behind asset management and control solutions but also as a safety and security control method for the more vulnerable in our care facilities as well as on-demand personnel.

Thembekile Asset Management Solutions have combined the latest in RFID and RTLS technologies with cutting edge software to enable hospitals and care facilities the ability to remotely collect data and generate real time reporting via fixed and mobile devices.

The Sanitag real time location solution is offered under exclusive distributorship by Thembekile.  The Sanitag user interface visually pinpoints the location of anyone wearing a RFID tag with an easy-to-follow map.

Setting pre-defined patient boundaries helps prevent wandering for at-risk patients. Fall detection, motion sensing, inactivity monitoring, and help calling are incorporated into the Sanitag RTLS solution that TAMS offers, enabling faster and more effective medical attention to patients in need. 

Ensuring the family’s newest member is well looked after

Infant Tracking Safety solutions pairs infants with their mothers by using a mother/infant tag which facilitates the prevention of mix-ups and kidnappings. It offers a state-of-the-art means of monitoring infant activity and movement, and keeps track of prolonged inactivity.

All Important Remote Worker Safety

A Trimble L2P Lone Worker Tracker is the system TAMS uses to provide emergency worker tracking, which is not only important from a worker safety perspective, but knowing where emergency personnel are at any given time, speeds up the response process for critical response teams.  

Ambulance Tracking and Asset Protection

A 24/7 protection and real-time location of critical emergency equipment, including the vehicle itself ensures that an ambulance fleet is always properly equipped for optimal call response. 

Thembekile recently got the nod from the Western Cape Government Emergency Medical Services (WCGEMS), for a Proof of Concept exercise, using the Sanitag Ambulance Asset Tracking (AAT) solution, to verify the presence and compliance of their critical equipment. 

Thembekile was required to fit Sanitag Readers to Advanced Life Support Vehicles, fit a Sanitag AAT Active RFID tag to selected equipment within the vehicles and provide access to the Sanitag AAT web portal for the purposes of monitoring tagged equipment and performing auditing tasks.  In so doing, the deliverables for the exercise were to :

  • Perform scheduled and manual audits and generate reports o nthe status of the tagged equipment within the emergency vehicles.
  • Detect and report on tagged equipment missing from any of the vehicles being monitored.
  • Detect and report on tags being removed from equipment.
  • Detect and report on tagged equipment due for calibration or maintenance.
  • Integrate into the existing emergency vehicle power supply and communication infrastructure.

The feedback from the four week long proof of concept exercise was unfailingly positive.

Mohammed Booley, Emergency Medical Services, Western Cape Government Health Department had this to say about the Ambulance Asset Tracking solution that Thembekile offered :

“The Sanitag AAT solution provided a holistic solution in terms of effective asset management during the POC.  It further enabled the effective monitoring and control of major assets in a high risk environment, improving the organisations goal of asset governance. 

This POC enhanced service delivery in the prehospital setting by enabling the ability to succcessfully monitor key clinical assets required for effective patient care, improving the availability for interventions and thus potential improved patient outcomes.  This turnkey POC also enabled a greater insight into prehospital clinical asset movement in parallel to user behaviour, thus enabling the review of business proceses for the improvement of asset control.  This POC was conducted in both the urban and rural context, thus proving its ability to operate in dynamic environments.

The Sanitag AAT solution was shown to be highly effective in an emerging market context, in a public health sector with a severe lack of resources and ultimately showed an improvement in the WCGEMS environment”.

Surgical Instrument Tracking enables individual item Tracking

Using the latest Radio Frequency Identification, each surgical device component has a unique identification code that complies with the FDA UID programme.    Equipment tagged with a RFID tag helps hospitals ensure that the right device is used for the right procedure; that patient safety is guaranteed, as instruments are tracked to ensure all are removed during procedures.  Further, employees can be used for more important functions than counting instruments and, the equipment has full traceability even through the process of being cleaned and repacked.

Thembekile’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Services (RTLS) provide solutions to ensure that all equipment meets the necessary compliance standards of the appropriate regulatory bodies, or internal standards requirements. In particular our range of devices all meet the standards requirements of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Global UDI Database (GUDID).

Without the right asset management controls in place, losses in stock through a variety of means can cost hospitals millions of rands. 



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