Poster submission


This year we are proud to introduce the NEW MEDLAB Africa 2019 Scientific Poster submission for all the registered and paid delegates.

Please supply an abstract of your topic, which will include introduction, objectives and the conclusion.

Max 300 words, font size 11, Arial (font type). You may include 1 figure or table only.

Be as specific as possible about the material you will cover on your poster.  Descriptions that are too short or vague will be considered incomplete.

Please email if you encounter any issues in uploading the abstract.

Deadline: Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Confirmation of accepted abstracts: Thursday, 08 May 2019

Posters will be selected based on: relevance, best practices, case studies and completeness of the required information submitted. 

We appreciate your interest and welcome your submission. We reserve the right to review and accept only those presentations suitable for the programs. The Scientific Committee will review all valid submissions. Selected presenters will be contacted individually about their submission, only if accepted

Accepted participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.