Advanced Healthcare Technologies from Czech Republic

30 May 2018

Hall 1


Representatives from different companies in the Health Care industry of the Czech Republic such as Redo a.s., LINET Group, BTL Medical, CHEIRÓN a.s. and MZ Liberec will demonstrate their products at the event.

The products on offer range from high end hospital furniture, emergency carbon bandages, physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics equipment to complex medical gas distribution systems.

According to the Euro health consumer index Czech healthcare ranks amongst the most advanced within the European Union, being positioned behind Sweden and ahead of the United Kingdom. Public Healthcare in Czech Republic is based on a compulsory insurance model and is a priority sector. Advanced technologies such as the largest сentre for proton beam therapy in Europe amongst others are being provided to the public.


Different companies from Czech Republic will demonstrate their products during their sessions of the duration of approximately 20 min:

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Opening & welcome remarks
Mr Mr Michal Král, Ambassador of the Czech Republic.


Presentation of the company and demonstration of products - Redo a.s.

REDO a.s. is a leading manufacturer of high quality products, particularly of Modular Load Carrying Systems designed for Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. REDO introduces a special program, related to the support of medical personnel among armed forces and security agencies. Apart wide variety of medical kits, accessories and special combat applications, REDO is also a distributor of Active Carbon Bandages, that is a sterile bandage with activated carbon in micro-filament form for increased suction capacity. Three products based on this technology serve as first aid kit, as well as middle and long-term treatment of sustained wounds.
Key product: Active Carbon Bandages
Turnover 2017: 2.647.000,00 EUR


Presentation of the company and demonstration of products - MZ Liberec

MZ Liberec is a private company having a long-term experience dating back to 1957 in manufacture of medgas power supply units and medgas distribution systems, both intended for operating theatres, ICU, ARD and high-standard wards.
Key product: The complete scope includes turn-key projects as well as spring balanced arms with surgical lights. Its products may be spotted in 46 countries worldwide.


Presentation of the company and demonstration of products - BTL Medical

BTL Medical was founded in 1993 and has grown to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical equipment. BTL's major segments include physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics.

Product range:

  • Physiotherapy: Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser, Magnetotherapy, Shockwave therapy, Diathermy, Microwave, High Intensity Laser, Lymphastim, Targetted radiofrequency
  • Cardiology: ECG, Spirometry, Resting and Stress test ECG software, ECG and ABPM holters, CPET
  • Aesthetic Medicine: devices for body reshaping, skin tightening, hair removal, cellulite treatment, Stress urinary incontinence etc.

Turnover: over 100.000.000,00 EUR,,


CHEIRÓN a.s. was founded in 1994 and today is a leading company in development, production, import, distribution, export and service of medical equipment and it is well known in more than 60 countries. The company´s product portfolio consists of product lines of international award winning electrical suction units VICTORIA, portable suction units DYNAMIC, complete range of jet suction sets and accessories, aerosol and oxygen therapy devices. Information:


Presentation of the company and demonstration of products - Linet Group

LINET Group is the biggest European manufacturer and supplier of hospital beds and other equipment for healthcare and the sphere of long-term care. On a global scale, it is among the TOP 3 in its field. Today, LINET Group has its own 3 production plants in Europe, and it exports to more than 100 countries where 16 subsidiaries and a network of local distributors provide customer care. High technology medical bed will be demonstrated during the session.
Key product: Hospital furniture
Turnover 2017: 235.000.000,00 EUR


Lottery draws & networking lunch
Master of Ceremony, Viktor Dolista, Economic Counsellor of the Czech Embassy

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