The new Evario - by Stiegelmeyer

Stiegelmeyer - The new Evario

A bed for All Hospital Units

The many looks of the Evario hospital bed

Hospital beds are expected to meet a broad range of requirements. The tasks they face in various hospital units are so wide ranging that you could be forgiven for thinking the answer is to use a variety of special-purpose models. But wouldn’t it be more user-friendly and cost- effective to have one model of bed meeting every need? This is precisely the approach taken by Stiegelmeyer in developing the Evario.

Thanks to its modular system, the Evario can be configured to meet the requirements of different hospital units. Customers can choose between control options, safety side systems, castors and head and footboards to create a flexible custom-made bed for each unit. From general wards and ICUs to premium rooms. Soon there will also be integrated weighing systems available in all units. The Evario relieves care staff with effortless positioning and a large height adjustment range of 32cm to 91cm.

The ¾ safety sides cover a large part along the mattress base and offers a protective height of 39cm. They are space saving, visually discreet and provide the patient with an unobstructed view. Care staff can operate these safety sides quickly and intuitively with just one hand. With the optional Protega safety side, Stiegelmeyer offers another great alternative that can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of every patient. The wing- shaped split safety sides, made of high-strength plastic, can be raised only at the head end or along the bed’s whole length. The wings can be released with just one move and lower in a damped and quiet way while needing only minimal space. The elements along the head and end move along when the backrest is adjusted and thus also protect the patient in an upright sitting position.

When equipped with the Protega safety sides, the Evario can also be optionally fitted with integrated control panels on both sides of the bed’s head end. The inner face offers the patient an intuitive choice of basic adjustments while the outer face with its large display enables care staff to choose between separated control levels for nurses and technicians.

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