Seegene - One Platform

Seegene - One Platform

Seegene's All-in-One Platform is a unique streamlined automation solution that can perform a broad menu of molecular diagnostic tests in the area of infectious diseases, women's health, and personalized medicine. The platform allows molecular diagnostic methods to be routinely used within clinically meaningful timeframe to reach therapeutic decision-making.

  • Syndromic testing panel to provide comprehensive information
  • Better patient care with excellent clinical performance
  • Simplified workflow of quick and easy-to-use process
  • STARlet IVD or NIMBUS IVD: Auto Extraction & PCR Setup
  • CFX96: Detection by Real-time PCR
  • Seegene Viewer: Automated Data Analysis

Date & Time

Tuesday, 28 May: 9am-5pm

Wednesday, 29 May: 9am-5pm

Thursday, 30 May: 9am-4pm


Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa