Savion Isolation Line

Savion Isolation Line

Savion’s mobile isolation system is now available as an integrated unit with our beds and stretchers, including Savion’s baby crib ICC411 and ICU bed Galileo. This innovative range of products will help you tackle contamination by epidemics and contagious infections in different hospital situations.

Savion’s unique system is designed for transportation or for hospitalization of patients with contagious diseases and airborne transmitted infections, like Ebola, open Tuberculosis, SARS, plague, viral fever (Lassa Fever, Swine flu, etc.) or diseases whose characteristics are still unclear.

The unique system developed by Savion allows both treatment and diagnosis of patients while providing complete safety for their environment and for the attending medical staff, in the framework of preventive or protective measures. Savion’s isolation system can also be provided as mobile isolation chamber to complete existing installations in case of critical mass casualty and epidemic events.

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