Fujifilm fct speedia

Fujifilm FCT speedia

Fujifilm offers a compact, high performance CT to deliver accurate diagnosis without compromising on quality.

Smart Dose Management using the latest technology:

  1. Intelli EC:  Constant noise levels over the entire scan
  2. Intelli IP: Iterative processing for noise reduction. Chest CT with dose  < chest X-ray!
  3. 500mm Full FOV Data Acquisition for every scan: Reducing the need for re-scan
  4. Motion Correction: Dedicated processing to reduce the motion artifacts for the patient with difficulty in remaining still.

Super low dose CT with Fujifilm unique Pixel shine technology

Fujifilm promises efficient operator workflow, improved patient experience and easy installation.

Come see our amazing technology at booth number 5.H28!

Date & Time

Tuesday, 28 May: 9am-5pm

Wednesday, 29 May: 9am-5pm

Thursday, 30 May: 9am-4pm


Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa