The only screening test to determine a risk factor for coronary heart disease that is highly accurate and non-invasive.

Easy to use. Anytime. Anywhere.

Cardisio is a non-invasive, examiner independent, reproducible, fast and cost-effective screening procedure for the detection of hemodynamic relevant stenoses of the coronary arteries at rest.

Because of its reliability and easy application, the Cardisio screening test offers a complementary screening to legacy methods including electrocardiogram (ECG), stress ECG and echocardiography.

Administering the test requires minimal training and is conducted on a resting heart. The system consists of three components, the Cardisio Graph to physically administer the test, the Cardisio App to start, end and present the results of the Cardisiography, and the Cardisio Cloud, where a proprietary, self-training algorithm conducts the analysis and produces the screening result (risk factor) within minutes.

Cardisio GmbH was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2016 and also has operations in Berlin and San Francisco.
Cardisio has built a web of international sales partners across the globe.
Cardisio is a trademark of Cardisio GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany.  

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