Levoplant™: the implant which offers an effective, safe and patient-centered solution for long-term contraception

DKT WomanCare Global

Monday 25th October | 14:00 SAST


Contraceptive information and services are fundamental to the health and human rights of all individuals. There is an unmet need regarding the access to contraception methods and services that differs between countries.

Nowadays, implants are worldwide used as they provide a long-term pregnancy protection, they are easy to use,they avoid user errors and problems with resupply and they do not contain estrogen so they can be used during breastfeeding or by women who cannot use methods with estrogen. Moreover, a trained HCP is required to insert and remove the implant through a minor surgical procedure.

Levoplant™ is a worldwide marketed 3 year implant, prequalified by the World Health Organization.

It consists of two thin, flexible rods made of a rubber-like material containing levonorgestrel (LNG) 75 mg each.

It is one of the most effective contraception methods.

Levoplant works mainly by preventing the regular egg release and thickening of the cervical mucus, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg. Most women can use it and side effects are minimum.

The main benefits for women using Levoplant are: long-lasting contraception, effective within 24 hours after insertion, minimum side effects, almost immediate return to fertility after removal, it does not interfere with daily activities and no routine return visits are required until time of removal.

Moreover, insertion and removal procedures are simple.

Learning objectives

  • Provide a contraception overview about contraception issues and share statistics with attendees
  • Explain the characteristics and benefits of Levoplant implant
  • Explain and have a practical demonstration of implant insertion
  • Explain and have a practical demonstration of implant removal
  • Permit the attendees to ask any questions to the speaker




Florencia Cecilia Ardis

Training Coordinator at DKT WomanCare, Paris, France.

Florencia Ardis is a Marketing professional specialized in the health care industry. She has more than 10 year’s experience working in well-known medical device companies. Soon after her graduation in Argentina she started working in the field of Woman Health which is her area of expertise.

She has been working for DKT WomanCare as Training Coordinator since the beginning of 2021. She organises different training sessions, either for health care professionals as well as for women, always with the aim of contributing to patient care. Moreover, she works with different health care providers from around the world to exchange best practices and expand her knowledge.



Dr Abiodun Kayode Adewale

Head of Department & Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Obstetrics and Gynecology department, Windhoek Central Hospital/Katutura State Hospital, Namibia.

Dr. Abiodun Kayode Adewale is an adept medical doctor, specialized Obstetrician and Gynecologist, with fourteen years of practice experience. He remains relevant in emergency care, general inpatient and outpatient management and in all major disciplines of medicine.

He is dedicated to exemplary patient care and counselling and following all necessary medical literatures and latest guidelines.

Dr. Adewale, works as Head of Department & Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Windhoek Central Hospital and Katutura State Hospital in Namibia as well as for the Ministry of Health Social Services. Moreover, he also has an academic role as Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the University of Namibia School of Medicine.