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KOTRA - Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Medical Device Approval System and Reimbursement System in Korea

KMDIA - Korea Medical Devices Industry Association

Tuesday 26th October | 09:00 SAST


The webinar will firstly cover medical device approval system on each classification (class1~4) to obtain pre-market licenses in Korea.

- Pre-market notification

- Pre-market approval


The second part will deal with Korean national healthcare system, National Health Insurance (NHI).

Lastly, we will introduce KMDIA, its roles and medical device trade between Korean and South Africa/African market.

Learning objectives

  • Medical device approval system in Korea / classification of medical device in Korea
  • Reimbusement System in Korea(How it works, National Health Insurance(NHI))
  • KMDIA/roles
  • Statistics on medical device trade between Korea and South Africa


Junghyun Jang

Assistant Manager, KMDIA (Korea Medical Devices Industry Association), Seoul, South Korea

International Affairs Team