Leveraging opportunities with the NHI and ACFTA to catalyse development of the med tech sector in South Africa


The Department of Trade and Industry


Monday 25th October | 09:00 - 10:00 SAST


Moderator: Simone Rudolph- Shortt – ISO Health SA
Presenters / Panellists:
Dr. Nicholas Crisp: 
Presentation on opportunities that may be created within the NHI to stimulate investment in the development and manufacture of med tech products
Kirti Narsai: Presentation on health industrialisation opportunities within the ACTFA and South Africa's participation in Continental value-chains
Dr. Harry Teifel: South Africa's capabilities (R&D, skills and manufacture) across the value-chain with a focus on what has been achieved during the pandemic.

Learning objectives

  • Opportunities that may be created within the NHI to stimulate investment in the development 
  • Health industrialization opportunities within the ACTFA and South Africa's participation in Continental value-chains
  • South Africa's capabilities (R&D, skills and manufacture) across the value-chain


Simone Rudolph-Shortt

Rudolph-Shortt consultancy cc, which was established in 2005, from years of experience in the regulatory, quality assurance, laboratory testing and production of medicines, medical devices, toiletries and foodsSimone is therefore an experienced and professional consulting and training service provider with the objective to allow clients to gain business confidence from• Effective management system implementation• Realised management controls and consistency in Outputs.• Marketing benefits through compliance to international and / or local standards and legislation


Dr. Nicholas Crisp

Experienced Health Systems medical specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the public health arena in several African countries. Skilled in Health Sector Reform, Human Resources for Health, Budgeting, Coaching, Epidemiology, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), and Management. Strong healthcare services professional with clinical background plus a Masters Degree in Public Health and a Diploma in Occupational Health focused from University of the Witwatersrand.

Kirti Narsai

Kirti is passionate about contributing towards development in Africa through the knowledge and skills that I have developed during my career. I am a seasoned executive with over 23 years of experience working in global and local organizations in various roles with increasing leadership responsibility, including board positions, which have provided me with broad exposure to both commercial and non-commercial functions across businesses and geographies.Driven by my passion for developing people, I am currently volunteering as a mentor for two organizations: African Academy for Sciences and Pan African Women in Health. I am also trained as an Executive Coach by the NeuroLeadership Institute.My key focus areas include strategy formulation, market entry, cross border trade in the healthcare sector and beyond, including the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Dr. Harry Teifel

Harry has the following qualifications: B.Eng. (Industrial); M.Com & D.Com. He is fluent in English, German and Afrikaans. Past employers include IBM Consulting, DEKRA and Daimler; Harry was accredited as a professional IBM Management Consultant. He has held various positions as Logistics Manager, Senior Consultant, Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Marketing, Head of Products and Services as well Business Development manager. Harry spent six years working in Europe for IBM and DEKRA. His exposure to Internet-driven business goes back to 1998 at the IBM E-Commerce practice and at DEKRA. At Daimler he was closely involved in the roll-out and use of Telematics and mobility-related Services. He also supports organisations in securing funding for 4IR/Digitalization-related business ventures.