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Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Wednesday 27th October | 14:00 - 15:00 SAST


A resilient health system is able to effectively prepare for, withstand the stress of, and respond to the public health consequences of disasters but also in a daily life. Technology is an important foundation to achieve a resilient health system. It’s necessary to provide a high secure, scalable, reliable and affordable Cloud infrastructure which is accessible in each region and country as foundation for digital health services. This allows the usage of technologies like Streaming Services to provide health-infotainment and education at scale, or Machine Learning, which help Patients at home to evaluate their symptoms based on predicted models (Babylon), helping doctors to diagnose remotely (MLL), or monitor patient at home via distances (HUMA). Population health systems are able to drive risk evaluation and have the ability to predict healthcare events before they occur. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn about what is a resilient health system
  • Learn about the role of technology with Cloud and ML
  • Learn about why it is important to think patient centric in building a resilient health system
  • Learn about AWS healthcare Data privacy and security in the cloud
  • Learn about references like Babylon, MLL, HUMA are able to support the patients and doctors as well as driving the digital front door




Jens Dommel

Entrepreneur, sales expert & marketing strategist, Amazon Web Services (AWS), South Africa.

Jens Dommel is an entrepreneur, sales expert, and marketing strategist assuming diverse management positions in IT enterprises and specializing in the healthcare industry. He graduated from Technische Universität Berlin as an engineer in information systems and mechanical engineering. Jens is formerly from CompuGroup Medical SE where he was appointed as the General Manager R&D Health Connectivity Services.

Prior to this, as vertical lead, Jens built up the Microsoft healthcare division in Germany and was Head of Business Development in Western Europe for the Microsoft Health Solutions Group, before moving to Amazon Web Services. As the head of EMEA healthcare, he creates strategies and processes for entering new markets creating successful new organizations, structures and processes in the healthcare industry. He works with both Public and Private healthcare customers and partners to manage their transition and journey to the AWS cloud.