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Online: 25-29 October 2021 | from your office or home

Industry Talks

25th October

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Leveraging opportunities with the NHI and ACFTA to catalyse development of the med tech sector in South Africa


the dti - Department: Trade and Industry Republic of South Africa

Monday 25th October | 09:00 SAST

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The impact of the physical environment in hospital infrastructures



Monday 25th October | 14:00 SAST

26th October

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Medical Device Industry in Korea


KHIDI - Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Tuesday 26th October | 09:00 SAST

Medical Device Approval System and Reimbursement System in Korea


KMDIA - Korea Medical Devices Industry Association

Tuesday 26th October | 09:00 SAST

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Medical Device Integration – Make your data glow


Capsule, a Philips Company

Tuesday 26th October | 14:00 SAST

27th October

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Moscow Export Center and the best solutions of Moscow


Russia - ANPO “MEC” Moscow Export Center

Wednesday 27th October | 09:00 SAST

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Occupational skin dermatitis in CSSD practice



Wednesday 27th October | 14:00 SAST

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Future of Healthcare is now – driving innovation for Africa

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Wednesday 27th October | 14:00 - 15:00 SAST

28th October

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The use of ECG monitoring during Infant Resuscitation


GE Healthcare

Thursday 28th October | 11:00 SAST

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Bridging the gap: AI’s role in combating inequalities in health


TPP - Digital Health

Thursday 28th October | 14:00 SAST

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Transforming Public Healthcare in the Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Thursday 28th October | 15:00 SAST

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Fluorescence-guided surgery. The future is now!



Thursday 28th October | 15:30 SAST

29th October

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True Fidelity DLIR: A New Era of Image Reconstruction


GE Healthcare

Friday 29th October | 14:00 SAST