Unrivalled sponsorship opportunities at Africa Health 2023

If your long-term plan is to grow your business in Sub-Sahara Africa, then Africa Health is the perfect platform to achieve this.

South Africa is the primary business hub for the medical device industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. A substantial portion of medical device and lab equipment exports are sent to other parts of Africa, with 12 African nations featured in its top 20 export destinations last year.

Our sponsorship opportunities provide a range of entry points for brands, service providers and suppliers. These opportunities allow you to get your products and solutions in front of key audiences, highlight your innovations, lead important industry conversations and connect with industry professionals.

Benefits of being a sponsor at Africa Health 2023 :

Generate new business

Network with industry leaders and senior buyers

Launch new products and services

Increase brand exposure

Increase your international presence

Stay up-to-date & competitive

Introducing the Transformation Zone located at the heart of the Africa Health. Unveil latest insights, future predictions , technological and medical innovations in health care and more...

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A transformative future in healthcare awaits you at Africa Health!

Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure

Make an impact on Africa’s largest gathering of healthcare professionals. Download the Africa Health Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure for more information: 

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Multiply your time at Africa Health


Our new Connections Experience (CX) helps you tailor your specialist needs like never before, allowing you to search, discover and connect in the digital world of healthcare like never before.

Medical speciality and trade focused days will include presentations and networking opportunities for all in the healthcare sector.

Connections Experience (CX)

With our new CX, every participant will be equipped with a suite of easy-to-use tools that create deeper connections through an experience
personalised to your business’ needs.

A one week series of an Online event, giving you more time to engage with and convert valuable contacts

New easy-to-use tools to help more new potential buyers find you

More tailored Medical Speciality and Trade Days and targeted opportunities to showcase, present & connect

The online event to help you strengthen relationships and showcase your products

Secure your participation at the leading Online healthcare expo in the African region

Are you a medical device manufacturer or supplier looking to grow or break into the African market? Do you have a new healthcare product or service that just launched, and needs to be showcased? Are you trying to generate new leads for your business? These are all questions that Africa Health can help resolve.

The Online show draws in scores of healthcare professionals from African countries over 5 days.

Exhibiting at Africa Health and optimizing your time on such a platform is worth both the time and financial investment. If this sounds enticing and you would like to be part of Africa Health Online 2021 then we suggest you get in touch with our sales team, communicate your business objectives and be part of the 2021 Online show.

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With Africa Health 2021, you get the best of an online world by joining us online!


Africa Health offers online bespoke packages for its partners keeping a range of goals in mind.

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