Discover South Korean medical companies at Africa Health 2021

The below contains a list of South Korean companies are exhibiting at Africa Health 2021.

Join us at South Korean pavilion to explore 60 innovative medical companies to develop mutual interest between Africa-Korea businesses and co-operate with one another for new business opportunities


KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is a state-funded trade and investment promotion organization operated by the Government of South Korea. KOTRA was established in 1962 as a national trade promotion organization. Since then, it has facilitated Korea's rapid export-led economic development through various trade promotion activities such as overseas market surveys, SMEs export promotion, trade info services, government-to-gov't export, foreign investment in Korea (FDI) promotion and business matchmaking.


Established in 1999, KMDIA(Korea Medical Devices Industry Association) is the largest medical devices association representing over 980 member companies including manufacturers and importers.

To improve the public health and boost the growth of medical devices industry, KMDIA will continue to be a valuable partner of the industry and lead technological advances along with our members.

KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)

KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) is a government-affiliated institution under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Republic of Korea provides comprehensive support programs for strengthening the competitiveness of the national health industry and enhance health services since 1999. KHIDI take the lead in innovating industrial policies and systems, effectively funding healthcare R&D for improved research performance, supporting companies in the development and marketing of products that meet global standards, and strengthening global cooperation for overseas expansion.

Braintech Co., Ltd.

Braintech Co., Ltd.(established in May, 2002) is a company that leads tech-innovation, eco-friendly management, and customer satisfaction with competitiveness in the EMS business that applies electric & electronic technology and self-diagnostic medical devices that meet global standards based on advanced quality management. Our main products are a control board, a telegraphic repeater through ODM design as well as OEM manufacturing, and an easy-to-use smart personal urine analyzer.


KH Medical which means Korea Healthcare Medical is a company established to export medical devices and diagnostic products using domestic technology overseas. KH Medical's mission is to provide equal access to quality healthcare-diagnostics for all people on the planet, and to improve their diagnostic systems through our diagnostic solutions in developing countries, especially the African continent.


From lab equipment to an array of medical products and tools, MedSchenker® became exactly what we had envisioned – an outstanding global source for the finest healthcare products.

Our humble beginning in a small office right outside of NYC taught us that even the smallest idea can change the world. We introduced STM™: Smart Transport Medium™ and gave a whole new meaning to pre-analytical sample transportation. Not only is it designed to last longer on your shelf, but the accuracy and duration of vitality revolutionized the way we look at transport media and how it can be utilized better in the future.

Our products are a representation of our values: innovation, dedication and quality. We pride ourselves on bringing these values to you, our clients. Our dedication to global healthcare fuels our pursuit for the next breakthrough, the next revolutionary machine, the next step to ensure that life on our beloved planet continues to thrive and prosper. 


Ensol Biosciences creates high added value through the development of innovative new drug, licensing out and commercialization, and provides CDO service and new drug CMC consigned development service based on our new drug development technology. We expanded its business to include viral transport medium for COVID-19 pandemic last year. Our product has been exported to Indonesia and registered for the U.S. FDA's emergency use approval.


We have developed a virus sample collection kit that can collect the COVID-19 virus samples and have been exporting it to countries including the United States from 2020. In addition, we are producing and selling various products related to molecular diagnosis business. 

PaxGenBio Co., Ltd.

PaxGenBio Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 as a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of IVD products targeting infectious diseases and cancers. Recently, we developed SARS-CoV-2 real-time RT-PCR kit detecting the novel corona virus, SARS-CoV-2 by using one-step real-time RT-PCR in a single tube.  


We are specialized in IVD(In Vitro Diagnostic) Medical Products and our products are mostly classified into three categories.

1. Swab (I-Swab/sample rod) and VTM (Viral Transport Medium) classified as Medical Devices

2. Povidone swapsticks and hexitanol swapsticks classified as GeneralPharmaceutical (over-the-counter drugs)

3. This includes quasi-drugs, that is, commonly used disinfectant products such as isopropanol stickswabs, sterile alcohol swabs, ethanol swabs, and cotton absorbent classified as Quasi-Drugs.


We, G&M Tech Inc, are the specialized manufacturer of Oil-less Vacuum Pump and Air compressor for Dental & Medical equipment, Skin care, Ozone/Oxygen generator, etc..
We are supplying our products to a lot of set manufacturer in USA, Japan, Europe, our customer have been satisfied with advanced quality and good price.
We obtained CE, ETL Mark and ISO9001, ISO14001.


This is Kiwon Solutec Co., Ltd., a company that knows the importance of basics and principles and tries to keep them. It is a manufacturer that focuses on the oxygen generation system business and the power transmission system business. We will create new added value to help our customers. We will be a company that knows that sweating while working is happiness and does our best until it becomes success. We will continue to innovate and challenge to impress our customers.
Thank you.


Mcube Technology is a leading company specialized in medical device for the diagnosis and treatment of voiding dysfunction. We have various solutions especially in urology, and our main product is 3D ultrasound bladder scanner, which has been sold in over 20 countries.

Mcube always think our customers first and try to keep our best to move the hearts of customers. We will keep trying to provide the solutions for easy and quick tool to optimize our customers’ workflow. The devotion to development of better technology and new products to improve human welfare is the top priority of all members of Mcube Technology. 

Surginus Co., Ltd.

It was a great honor for me to have a chance to present our products for the first time.

This is Justin of Surginus from Korea and we are Start up comapny for Skin Closure

And I glad to inform that the new product of skin closure and you could use it for Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Total Hip Replacement Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Spine Surgery, Trauma surgery or etc, instead of Suture or Staple.

Skin Closure is a noninvasive skin closure alternative to sutures and staples for surgery and lacerations, offering time-savings, better cosmesis, lower infection risk, and greater patient comfort. It is easy to apply and patients can remove it at home.

The feature of Skin Closure is as the below.

▶ Surgery is more convenient than Suture and Staples

▶ There is no pain compared to Suture and Staples

▶ Reduce the scar dramatically compared to Suture and Staples

▶ Protects wound without any risk of infection by using hydrocolloid on the skin contact surface

Hwain Medi Co., Ltd.

Hwain Medi Co., Ltd. is continuing to put creative effort with the goal of becoming a leading company for medical devices in the global market by specializing in the R&D for medical devices. As such, we are putting in utmost efforts to grow as leading global company through creation of outstanding brand value of domestic medical devices by developing differentiated items through networking of medical staffs in Korea, domestic development and production of imported products and exporting of Korean made products.

Macrogen, Inc.

Macrogen, a leading company in precision medicine and biotechnology, was established on June 5, 1997 based on the Genomic Medicine Institute of the Seoul National University College of Medicine. In February 2000, Macrogen became the first ever bio venture in Korea to be listed on the KOSDAQ. Since then, Macrogen has continued to be actively engaged in R&D fields of genetic and genomic analyses. Today, Macrogen has become a global expert in genomic analysis and a leader in Korean biotechnology, working closely with over 18,000 research clients across 153 countries worldwide. In addition to providing services to clients all over the world, Macrogen contributes to the advancement of bioindustries through a wide range of R&D and CSR activities.


With Company’s philosophy of customer Satisfaction, Superiority and Specialization, TRISMED CO., LTD., was founded in 2000 and has been active in the research and development, manufacture and distribution on a world wide scale of heart diagnostic equipment. The wide-range products are targeted to offer reasonable price, international standard performance and high quality with our strong competence and deep experience. TRISMED believes in coming true the leader in the heart diagnosis medical solutions such as various Electrocardiographs(ECG), Patient Monitor and Fetal Monitor. 


Frontier in Digital X-ray Imaging Solution, Inspiring the Industry with Innovative Technologies

With 28years of accumulated X-ray system manufacturing experience and technology, SITEC has established itself as innovation driven X-ray system manufacturer. As the healthcare market changes, new challenges are essential. Through the merge with the detector manufacturer, DRTECH, we are leaping forward and shaping the future of digital X-ray imaging. New SITEC provides an overwhelming diagnostic solution with seamless integration, not just the system, but also the detector and software, providing customers with the perfect and customized X-ray imaging solutions for their practice. 


YH MEDICAL COMPANY is a manufacturer specialized in producing medical products, welfare equipment and supplies for the handicapped for over 33 years. With our long history and technical competence in the field of medical equipment industry, YH MEDICAL has been expanding its product range from anti- bedsore products to suction machine, blood pressure machine and disk care etc.

We commit ourselves to the patients and caregivers with the high quality products to maximize customer satisfaction through persistent efforts on R&D investment.

Miracell Co., Ltd.

Miracell is a specialized stem cell company that respects and pursues a healthy life.

We are an ethical company that is dedicated to safe stem cell treatment, values healing, and we lead R&D and advanced medical technology in cooperation with domestic and foreign medical institutions.

Miracell Co., Ltd. is a stem cell specialized company that researches, develops and manufactures safe and professional stem cell treatments, stem cell medical devices, and stem cell cosmetics.

It is an ethical, exemplary and reliable company that leads R&D and advanced medical technology in cooperation with domestic and overseas medical institutions, and contributes to the corporate mission of "Respect for Life"


InTelos, Inc. develops IVD reagent solutions for Healthcare. And based on a lot of fundamental hard work as well as persistent pursuit. Providing “Consitency, Correction, Consideration” we pursue. All of the products supplied by InTelos Inc. are manufactured under ISO13485.  Our company has obtained patents and expanded marketing for multiple products continuously.


AMI Inc. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of "Laser Devices" and other Aesthetic / Medical use products.  Quality products and services guarantied.

AMI has implemented a total quality management system certified according to EN ISO 13485,
EN ISO 9001 and the International legislation concerning medical devices.
This ensures that all our products are consistently checked in a controlled process until they are
finally released after thorough testing and inspection.


‘VeinVu 200’ is a new vein viewer system that can be used for patients with no visible blood veins (infants, elderly, inpatients, colored races, etc.) during intravenous injections which is called Vein Finder, Vein Viewer and Vein Scanner. 

Tomato M&C Co.,Ltd.

Tomato M&C Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 with the determination to take responsibility for the future of synthetic resin casts and splints with orthopedic splints as its main item. Currently, it delivers raw materials, finished products, OEM products, production facilities and technical cooperation to about 30 countries, and realizes customer satisfaction through continuous product upgrades and market research under the GMP, KFDA, USA FDA, CEDOC, ISO13485, ISO9001, and ISO14001 management systems.

Moreh Company

We, Moreh Company, aim to make successful moves through the wide international market by modernizing and (effective) supply of the medical products. Moreh company strives to move away from the constant competition in the medical market, develop products with unprecedented features and develop new paradigms for the supply chain. Furthermore, we will overcome any challenge in the medical industry to provide a wide range of products to bestow a healthy life for all to benefit. Through this process, we will spare no effort to build pleasant relationships with various medical groups to help improve customer value and quality of life for mankind. Moreh Company will evolve beyond conventional norms in manufacturing, supply, and distribution to be a market leader armed with brilliant ideas and visionary goals. Above all, we promise to be transparent and uphold a strong sense of responsibility to provide finer quality products. 


YEOLLIN SESANG CO. was established in 2006, and has been manufacturing medical trolleys made of 100% recyclable plastic materials. Now we have business relationship with more than 600 companies in domestic market, and also export to over 27 countries.

PIXXGEN Corporation

PIXXGEN is the new leader in digital x­ray imaging systems for medical, veterinarian and industrial applications. We design, develop and manufacture x­ray image receptors (digital x-ray detectors) and software based on many years of experience in the industry. We assure control of design, manufacture and quality of our digital x­ray products by constant investment in R&D and Quality Management. 


Green Cross Medical Science (GCMS) is a Korean company, established in 2003, a family company of Green Cross Corp. GCMS has continuously developed & innovated the business portfolio along with internal/external resources to build sustainable environment and maximize the efficiency of the business. Our major businesses are POCT for Chronic disease including Diabetes, Diagnostic reagents, Hemodialysis, Home Health Care and Covid-19 diagnostic kits. 


Since HANDOK MEDICAL.CO. has been established in 1997, with unremitting efforts and innovation has earned national and international leading technology and experience. Our products are ergonomically designed and manufactured for both patients and medical personnel to suit the characteristics and purposes. These products are especially those that maximize safety, convenience, and efficiency.


We, Sungkwang Meditech Co.,Ltd, is a leading manufacturer & exporter in South Korea, producing various range of medical supplies (devices) used for operating room, rehabilitation and for disabled people. Our products include Gel positioning pads, (autoclave) Surgical instruments cases, and radiation protective devices, etc. We always do our best to produce excellent products.

Sugentech, Inc. 

Sugentech, Inc. is the 28th INNOPOLIS Research Institute Spin-off Company of Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea and was established in 2011 based on the technology transfer from the ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute). Since its establishment, Sugentech has accumulated various and robust bio- and nano- based technologies and successfully commercialized a variety of in-vitro diagnostic products. Based on its internalized BT-NT-IT convergence technology and commercialization capability, Sugentech enables early diagnosis of diseases which were not possible before, and is opening a new era of a personalized diagnosis through the development of micro, multiplex, automated diagnostic instruments.


Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. has been leading the globalization in the medical device industry by persuit of the best quality since it’s established in 1982. As like steady growth achieved in the past 30 years, in the future, Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. will continue to lead the way to be frontier in aesthetic filed.  

Asan Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd

Asan Pharm is the history of the diagnostics industry in Korea.

Founded 50 years ago (est. 1971) as the first diagnostics company in the country, Asan has pioneered rapid diagnostics in Korea.

During COVID pandemic, Asan Pharmaceutical developed related products which are COVID-19 IgG/IgM, COVID-19 Ag and Flu/COVID-19 Ag Combo, and export them to all over the world

STARmed Co.,Ltd.

STARmed Co., Ltd. is a young and fast-growing company from South Korea, specializing in radiofrequency technology. Passionately working on the best possible RF treatment, STARmed has collaborated with a number of Key Opinion Leaders in developing the most innovative electrodes and leading-edge RF technology for a variety of clinical applications. STARmed is now recognized as the global leader in thyroid RFA


Since its foundation in 2003, it has secured its position through steady overseas market development and domestic delivery of our manufacturing equipment, and has actively invested in overseas standard certification  such as ISO 9001/13485, CE, and FDA to obtain various commendations and certification from the government.  Accordingly, we are moving forward with the goal of becoming the top 10 global medical devices not only in the domestic market but also in the global market.

ConnectaGen Inc.

Connectagen Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a venture company within the College of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea, and developed more fundamental and efficient diagnostic techniques ranging from genetic analysis to cancer and various viral diseases, focusing on advanced genetic analysis of cancer/complex diseases, clinical research, bioinformatics, drug genomics, and biochip research are a bio-specialized company that realizes precision medicine, a future growth engine.

The research team of Connectagen is composed of experts in medicine, genetics, molecular biology, statistics, and bioinformatics, and has a genetic information database. We provide more precise analysis.


Item: X-ray Radiation Protection Apron and Accessories

Lead-Free (TRU-LITE) and Lead (TRU-COMFI) Radiation Protection Apron and Accessories CWORLD has been researching radiation protection medical products to protect the human body from radiation since 2001, and manufactures its own inner material sheet and outer material for products. Our main products are radiation protection aprons for x-ray surgeries or procedures and are used in the operating room, radiology, and nuclear related parts. We have been exporting our lead and lead-free products to more than 30 countries and receiving excellent feedback from our customers. In terms of quality certification, CWORLD is an ISO 13485 compliant facility and we have FDA ,CE PPE(module B, D). Our R & D investments account for more than 10% of annual sales, and our study will also continue.

Samyang Holdings Corporation

Samyang is engaged in new medical technology, pharmaceuticals and is currently developing and conducting sales of medical device disposables such as biodegradable surgical sutures, biosurgery(hemostat, adhesion barrier, etc.)

Pharmbio Korea Inc.

Pharmbio Korea is Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company established in 1999 and we are specialized in Urology, Gastroenterology, General surgery, Immune, Metabolic system.

What makes our company exclusively better than others is that we focus on either new drug or First generics in the world by actively investing in R&D, hence we supply various unique and exclusive products.

Especially, since we are also specialized in Bowel cleansing preparation for colonoscopy, we have developed several innovative products worldwide. Among them we launched world’s first Magnesium oxide+ Citric acid+ Sodium picosulfate (MCSP) as ready-to-drink preparation solution called ‘Picosolution’. which we even exported technology transfer of the product to originator in US.

On top of that, we released an oral sulfate tablet called ‘Orafang Tab’ as first Bowel cleansing preparation in tablet form for a better patient compliance while there were only liquid based preparation before.

We always strive to develop new drug to improve people's health and quality of life.

SG HealthCare Co., Ltd.

SG HealthCare is the global leader in the medical diagnostic equipment industry with world class technological advancements.[1] X-ray, CT & Ultrasound systems made by SG HealthCare are widely used all over the world from the tiniest mobile clinic to national hospitals.[2] Since its establishment in 2009, SG HealthCare has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of medical diagnstic systems and continues to help people all over the world to see more and know better with us.

Mega Medical Co., Ltd. 

Mega Medical is a South Korea based medical device manufacture/developing company, specialized in ENT field with more than 20 years of history. Our main products include Balloon eustachian tube dilation system, ENT Treatment Units, Endoscopy, ENT Navigation, and etc. 


Cherrysens is dedicated to research, development and manufacturing the healthcare and medical products with cutting-edge technologies and creative ideas.

We have developed hemoglobin analyzing system, CO measuring system, and cotinine(nicotine compounds) measuring devices, and various disinfectors. We are also selling blood glucose meters and various urine analyzing systems. We have strong sales network and knowledges in Korean market such as the hospitals and public healthcare centers. Now we are expanding our sales to overseas countries.

Our mission is to help people to live Healthy and Happy Life. We will do our best to support our partners and customers be satisfied and happy with Cherrysens

Ace Global.

We, Ace Global., are a affiliated company for overseas sales representative to the AFRICA region who is supplied by the leading Wireless Portable Ultrasound [SONON] made by a Korean manufacturer “HEALCERION”.

Our organization has as the HEALCERION’s history as others and, we show our gradually stable improvement in sales figure over time and smoothly supply our African clients with the necessary amount of the Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner [SONON] what is the World First's FDA & CE Ceritificated, Minimal design 370g and Long Li-on Battery Life.         


Iroun Mulgyeol

Iroun Mulgyeol (= Beneficial wave from Korean) was established in January 2020 with the aim of making beneficial waves in the world.

Products related to the COVID-19, cosmetic/bioengineering machines, ginseng/aloe vera drinks etc are supplied to overseas consumers at the moment.

We provide people with goods that are of high quality at reasonable prices and try as hard as we can make them feel pleased and sure that the products/services are right/true. 


In Korea, SILSTAR was founded in 2012. Since the establishment, SILSTAR has perused to develop a variety of new products in the Gadget, Beauty and Healthcare industry.

Our R/D team based on technology and talents keeps launching industry-leading products oriented eco-friendly, NO-Animal Testing, and non-toxic in the market.

ANYSHOES was lauched firstly in Korea since 2018.
It is a smart shoescover machine for dispensicing overshoes automatically.  It covers any kind of shoes in just 3 seconds! No need to take off your shoes. It is a hygienic shoe cover it’ll keep the floors clean. There’s no need to bend down and it’s certainly convenient to elderly people. It prevents any kind of dirt spread. With "ANYSHOES" everyone’s working environment will be upgraded.

In 2020, People have faced the Pandemic with COVID-19 since the first outbreak in 2019.

Personal Mask, Hand Sanitizer and COVID-19 Detective Kits like PCR or anti-body tests are still on a big demand over the word.  To avoid peer to peer spread of the virus, it is highly required to wear a personal protective mask when people go outside.

SILSTAR has launched a Personal Mask Storage Case(PMSC) on AUG of 2020.

Anysmask is a brand name presenting PMSC by SILSTAR

Everyone could enjoy these valuable products at reasonable prices for a safe home and life.

Bring Anymask and ANYSHOES to yourself and your family!

Theramx Inc.

Theramx Inc. develops competitive biomedical products such as wound dressing and bioadhesive based on its prolonged experiences and extensive knowledge in bio-science and drug development. Theramx holds 9 international patents related to wound dressing and bioadhesive technology using cyanoacrylate and biocompatible substances. All of Theramx products are KFDA, CE-MDR, E ISO13485:2016 approved.

Bistos Co., Ltd.

BISTOS stands for Bio Signal Total Solution. We are researching, developing, andmanufacturing medical equipment. With many years of experience and know-how in the medical devices field, we are developing medical products continuously and supplying our products to the local market as well as worldwide market. Besides, we don’t cease upgrading our products and developing new products and will make all our efforts to provide the best quality products and best service.

LISTEM Corporation

LISTEM Corporation was founded in 1960, and is the first company in Korea having CE mark for X-ray systems.It reflects our technical advance and endeavor for customer’s satisfaction in its quality & service. With strong foundation in the local market, LISTEM has exported our products to over 76 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East since their first export to Pakistan in 1979. Recently, all of the staffs in LISTEM are trying their best to be the best of X-ray system in the world.

NDK Co.,Ltd

NDK co.,Ltd has been established in Korea in 1996. We have performed a global sales providing high quality merchandise as an exclusive sales partner with many companies. The products that mainly deal with are measurement equipment used in technical industry, safety mask, Covid-19 test Kit , Antibody test Kit. we are a big trading company which sales purpose is to let customer be with us based on a full trustworthy. not only providing the items based on the customer’s needs but we provide a technical services such as calibration, setting up for a relocation, technical problem that customer suffers from.


JISCOP Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dental products and orthodontic materials in Korea, have been exporting to more than 20 countries.

In efforts of meeting customers’ ever-changing needs both online and offline, we are constantly striving to launch new products and improve quality with various orthodontic treatments and developments.
We also keep focusing on the shape memory alloys for the development of new products that could be utilized both in electronics and medical industries. All of Jiscop members will do our best to maintain high quality and competitive prices.

With frequent contribution of orthodontic material to those who need the most, Jiscop is taking a great role in making our society a better world.


ENDOVISION, which leads the medical device industry with innovative products, studies, develops, and manufactures a wide range of product mainly, Bio materials, Spinal endoscopy, Arthroscopy, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Gynecology with continuous R&D activities for the next generation and advanced bio & mechanical medical device market.

JPI Healthcare Co., Ltd. 

JPI Healthcare is more than an x-ray component and equipment company; it is your imaging solution provider. Since 1980, it has and continues to contribute to the improvement of the quality of healthcare.

JPI is dedicated to developing new technologies that improves the ever-changing field of Radiology. It works closely with X-ray equipment manufacturers to enhance image quality, ensuring early intervention through proper diagnosis. JPI’s core competency is its ever diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components. JPI Healthcare is confident in both our conventional as well as digital X-ray product line.

Daeun Medical

Founded in 2010, Daeun Medical is a medical device manufacturing company that develops and produces wound treatment materials based on its own “wound treatment composition” technology. We are striving to develop products that can be applied to various areas in the future and to explore markets world wide.


Since its foundation in 1990 as a manufacturer of medical devices to contribute to the development of health & medical industry, META-BIOMED CO., LTD., has manufactured excellent products such as not only biodegradable surgical sutures but also dental and medical products through sustained R&D. META BIOMED exports its products to over 80 countries worldwide.

As a result of positively focusing on R&D investment as a technology-intensive small/medium enterprise since its foundation, the company could be positioned as an enterprise that is capable of manufacturing superior products being acknowledged at home and abroad including world best products and localized products being selected as the products of new technology.


LTRA Global Co., Ltd. is established in Dec. 2016 and supplying ODM-based laser products to various medical equipment companies in domestic. MIIN Laser (Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser) has been approved from the KFDA, CE, FDA(510K), ISO13485 and starting to sales since July 2018. It has been attracting attention from the domestic and overseas market.


Ultra V Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures, and supplies medical devices and functional cosmetics to domestic and overseas markets. It also manufactures PDO-Polydioxanone and PCL-Poly-Caprolactone for use in dermatology and plastic surgery. In order to supply more effective and safe products, we are carrying out clinical verification and diversifying our business through the affiliated Dermaster Clinic.


meerecompany aims at bringing happiness to both people and the society through its various businesses – Industrial Equipment including Display Semiconductor & Edge Grinder, 3D Sensor, and Surgical Robot. Based on the spirit of 'Beyond', meerecompany will brighten the future by playing an important role in the development of technological innovations and leading the way in harnessing the latest technology trends, which will enable the company to successfully compete in the global market.

Hankil Tech Medical co.,Ltd

Hankil Tech Medical' is a professional manufacturer of medical devices that have been producing by engineers and skilled workers on all over the manufacturing process from design to production, through endless effort, accumulated technology, and various experiences with over 50 years.

HankilTech Medical established in 1969 in South Korea and has been manufacturing medical instruments ever since its establishment.

In 2010, we started manufacturing Orthopedic Implants and the Locking Plate System was very well accepted by Korean surgeons. HKT Locking Plate System is one of the top 3 brands in Korea among all brands Most recently.

HankilTech Medical launched the 'Multi Cable Grip Plate system' and now we are aiming to expend the product line for Hip (Femur).

FDA, CE, ISO13485 Certificated Approval

'We are a professional medical devices manufacture by engineers and craftsmen all over the manufacturing process with endless effort, accumulated technology, and various experiences with over 50years.

 - FDA, CE, ISO13485 Certificated Approval


JEESUNG Engineering Inc. is the Korean manufacturer and exporter. We are making various kinds of disposable medical items making machines such as: Disposable syringe making machines (printing machines, assembly machines, blister packing machine, molds for barrel plunger gaskets),  Hypodermic needle making machines (cannula making machines, needle assembly machines, molds for hub and caps), Unibody insulin syringe making machines and molds, ETO gas Sterilizing machines


BARUN (Barun Corporation) is a manufacturing company of hemodialysis machine supplies and medical devices in South Korea. BARUN first began with the hospital specializing in hemodialysis in 2008 and became sympathetic to the lives of hemodialysis patients. Since then, with the cooperation of the hemodialysis patients and medical staffs' contribution to the development and improvement of Barun's products with what they have felt and learned at the field, Barun began manufacturing and developing medical devices such as Hemodialyzers, Blood lines and AVF needles for hemodialysis treatment.


Cellumed Co., Ltd. is a bio company that manufactures and supplies a variety of bone grafts, medical devices, artificial knee joint(TKA) and growth factors under the corporate philosophy of respecting human beings since its establishment in 1997.

The Rafugen ™ DBM Gel among our bone graft Products has obtained FDA approval in 2018, thus our biotechnology is also well acknowledged overseas.

We succeeded in developing and mass-producing animal (CHO cell)-derived bone formation protein rhBMP2 for the first time in Asia and the second in the world, and other additional growth factors.

We also manufactured and sold the artificial knee joint products made by titanium materials in Korea for the first time, positioning ourselves as a leader in the domestic market of total knee replacement and arthroplasty.