2nd Trauma & Acute Care Surgery Conference

28 - 29 May 2019

Gallagher Convention Centre


The 2nd Trauma conference returns to the Africa Health portfolio with a distinct and exciting addition! Through the inclusion of Acute Care Surgery focused symposiums, this carefully designed programme aims to deliver advanced educational content for an even broader range of trauma and surgical professionals.

International and regional expert speakers will provide evidence-based global insight into the efficient and effective management of complex trauma cases, by addressing the latest research, guidelines, and controversial topics.

The CPD learning experience will be further enhanced through the inclusion of the ever-popular complimentary hands-on-practical workshops. All delegates will have the opportunity to acquire practical-based knowledge through experience with the latest novel equipment, enabling the provision of high quality healthcare delivery, that is compliant and centralised around best practice and the latest standards.

Developed within the support of the Trauma Society of South Africa (TSSA) this is a must attend event for all trauma related healthcare professionals who look to hear from, and ultimately establish themselves as, field experts.

Theme: Enabling best practice in trauma and acute care surgery

What’s new?

  • All new engaging agenda topics and novel hands on practical sessions to support improved trauma care when addressing complex case presentations
  • Inclusion of acute care surgery sessions for depth of knowledge
  • Even more international and regional expert speakers
  • Regional update on best practice and review of key challenges
  • Innovative trauma technologies
  • Head, neck and polytrauma trauma
  • Addressing complex Orthopaedic cases
  • Advanced acute care surgery techniques
  • Hands on practical workshops

Hands on practical workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Ventilation demonstration
  • Laparoscopic demonstration
  • Dry REBOA skills
  • Ultrasound demonstration
  • Triage management
  • Review regional procedure, and compare different national strategies, to enable the development of trauma centers that are based upon optimal best practice
  • Determine advanced acute care surgery techniques to better address your patient’s urgent treatment needs
  • Gain unique practical skills for enhanced care provision
  • Evaluate best practice for dealing with novel polytrauma, disaster and road traffic accidents
  • Consider how to implement innovative new technologies within your treatment course, to further enhance patient treatment, experience and outcome
  • Prof Frank Plani, Head of the Trauma Directorate, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Co-Chair of the Academic Division of Trauma Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa