4th Public Health Conference

28 - 29 May 2019

Gallagher Convention Centre


The success or failure of a healthcare system is heavily reliant upon the public health policies set in place within the region. Irrespective of the many challenges faced, small steps towards progressive public health strategies continue to occur across sub-Saharan Africa.

Carefully developed in partnership with PHASA and JuPHASA, the inaugural Public Health conference returns to Africa Health for the 4th edition with a dedicated focus on recognising the key countries that have contributed to, and are integral in, the development of the healthcare policy within South Africa. Through the inclusion of an occupational health symposium, the programme will also commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the International Labor Association.

As an additional all-important element, the agenda features senior level experts from across the region who will address the latest public health issues affecting the African continent. By considering key matters including one health, communicable diseases, climate change, management and leadership, as well as child and youth considerations, the Public Health conference will, once again, contribute significantly to the enhancement of public health in South Africa.

Theme: Improving local health by employing global initiatives

What’s new?

  • New organising committee members
  • More expert speakers from Africa 
  • Inclusion of a brand-new symposium lead by JuPHASA – focusing on child and youth considerations within public health
  • Management and leadership
  • Public Health policy
  • Climate change
  • One Health and communicable disease
  • Occupational health
  • Youth considerations
  • Oral public health 
  • Assess how you can improve your leadership and management approach to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your public healthcare provision
  • Recognise the most recent developments within healthcare policy, to be updated with the latest knowledge and to ensure efficient and high quality public health services
  • Understand concepts that contribute to the underlying causes of occupational illness and injury, to enable the development of cost-effective programmes that prevent injury and keep workers safe
  • Discuss the complex interplay between climate change and public health considering both the regional and global impact
  • Explore how forging co-equal, all-inclusive collaborations between physicians and all other scientific-health and environmentally related disciplines can achieve better public health outcomes
  • Identify the prevalence of emerging and reemerging communicable diseases and consider their effect on South African healthcare
Local Chair:
  • André Rose, President, Public Health Association of South Africa, Centurion, Bloemfontein, South Africa