Digital Health Conference

29 May 2019

Gallagher Convention Centre


The question, “is digital health the future of healthcare?” is something that is being asked all over the world.  With the term being widely used across the healthcare industry, organizations are spearheading various initiatives towards the implementation of digital health and digital innovations. There are significant benefits to bringing
aspects of this into fruition from lowering costs, increasing efficiency and reaching patients who have limited access to care. 

As a new addition to the Africa Health Congress, we are excited to explore real life case studies of digital health
being used to enhance healthcare delivery in our day to day lives.  With new technology and ideas increasingly being developed, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to build on the infrastructure and innovation. 
This conference will cover the work that is being done in the Southern African region, as well as ways to improve digital health maturity.

Theme: Digital Health Maturity: Fulfilling the Potential Towards Better Patient Care

  • Using digital health to change the way a department of health manages information
  • E-patients role in a sustainable digital health system
  • Case study: Rwanda health project
  • Innovation towards lessening disease burden and increasing prevention