Nurse Leadership & Management

Wednesday, 23 October | Meeting Room 2.61 - 2.66

22 - 24 October 2024

Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa

Conference Overview

Join us at this session for a deep dive into transformative trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative practices shaping the future of patient care. From the impact of AI on practice, the potential of AR/VT in training to the NHI and more. This session aims to fosters collaboration, innovation, and leadership development.

Benefits of attending

  • AI in action: Discover how AI is transforming patient care and nursing practices .
  • Revolutionary training: Experience the game-changing potential of AR/VR in hands-on training .
  • NHI insights: Learn about the new National Health Insurance (NHI) and its impact on the nursing profession. 
  • Tackle nurse shortages: Address this critical issue and explore the vital role of primary care nursing .

Key topics

  • Embracing the digital revolution and innovation in nursing 
  • Impact of the National Health Insurance (NHI) on the nursing profession 
  • Addressing nurse recruitment & shortages

Who will be attending?

  • Head of Nursing
  • Director of Nursing
  •  Nurse Manager
  •  Nurse Educator
  • Nurses