11th Nursing Conference

Tuesday 17 October | Gallagher Convention Centre

Theme:Our Nurses, Our Future: Preparing the Next generation of Leaders

22 - 24 October 2024

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Theme: Our Nurses, Our Future: Preparing the Next generation of Leaders

Nurses represent an imminent group of health service providers and their role in providing essential health services is undisputed. However, the health system is facing the challenge of nurses' shortage and proper education. Africa Health's Nursing conference, in its 11th edition and under the theme Our Nurses, Our Future: Preparing the Next generation of Leaders, will discuss how to empower future generations with the right education, professional development and leadership training. It will also highlight the impact of the current policies on the future of the nursing profession in South Africa. The programme will also cover latest innovations and technologies and their impact on enhancing healthcare delivery.

What's new for 2024?

  • Working on confirming new local and global leaders (such as DENOSA president, ICN President, Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders, Nursing Education Association-all TBC). 
  • More Interactive Panel Discussions

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain insights from influential keynote speakers on the pivotal role of nurses in healthcare's future and the changing landscape of nursing education
  • Discuss the gaps that were identified in nursing during the pandemic
  • Identify key policy developments and updates around the nursing profession in South Africa
  • Determine the challenges and solutions with staffing

Key topics

  • Nursing education 
  • Nursing Leadership and creating opportunities for future generations
  • Nursing and Technology/Innovation
  • Policy development and its impact on next generation of leaders 
  • Nurse Advocacy

Who will be attending?

  • Head of Nursing
  • Director of Nursing
  •  Nurse Manager
  •  Nurse-registered/professional
  • Nurse Educator

Scientific committee

Conference chair:

Alida Viljoen, MICU Unit Manager, Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
Izelle Loots,
Director, Health Standard Development and Training, Office of Health Standards Compliance, Pretoria, South Africa  
Dr Sharon Vasuthevan, Education Executive, Life Healthcare Johannesburg, South Africa



Committee members:

Sunshine Zenani, Nursing Lecturer,North-West University, South Africa

AndileMaflika, Quality and Development Manager,Life Healthcare, South Africa


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