Medical Legal & Ethics Conference 

 Thursday, 24 October | Meeting Room 1.41 - 1.44

Theme: Breaking the silence: Redefining reproductive rights in Africa


22 - 24 October 2024

Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa

Conference Overview

Join a high-level, multifaceted healthcare panel for a provocative discussion on reproductive rights in Africa at the Medico Legal & Ethics Conference.  Unleash your inner advocate as we dissect the complex tapestry of legal frameworks, cultural beliefs, and the raw realities faced by women in the continent and beyond.  

Benefits of attending

  • Witness lively debate on abortion rights and dignity. Expert voices for and against will collide- sparking conversation  
  • Dive deep into the disconnect between policy and women's lived experiences. This isn't theory; it's about humanity and healthcare  
  • An international powerhouse panel will deliver unparalleled insights and shape the future of healthcare ethics 
  • Your voice matters: Join an explosive Q&A with all speakers 

Key topics

  • Whose Body, Whose Choice? Reproductive rights and ethics in a diverse African context 
  • The disconnection between Africa abortion policies and women’s lived realities 
  • Can Africa embrace abortion rights with dignity? 

Who will be attending?

  • Healthcare Legal Professionals 
  • Hospital Administrators 
  • Ethics Committee 
  • Members Regulatory & Compliance Professionals in Healthcare 
  • Patient Advocates & Academics