17 - 19 October 2023

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Sustainable energy solutions and wealth creation through Standard Bank


Tuesday, 17 October 2023 | 11:30 

Transformation Zone | 3.K50



At Standard Bank Group, we understand the medical industries unique needs and, as such, have created holistic healthcare offering. Our holistic banking solutions are designed to help start, manage and grow your healthcare practice and our products ensure that you can take care of your finances and financial wellness while still keeping your focus on the well-being of your patients. Join us for a talk to gain an in-depth understanding of our holistic offering.

Company bio


We recognise the transformative role financial institutions can play in making access to quality healthcare services a reality for all. That’s why financing healthcare providers, infrastructure and equipment, and providing support for business development and transformation within the sector has been our key focus area for over a decade. Our group-wide capabilities enable us to provide comprehensive support to every link in the healthcare value chain – from specialised banking solutions for medical professionals – to our innovative BeWell platform, which enables companies to offer cost-effective primary healthcare benefits to employees who are typically not able to access such services. We also provide support to our subsidiary, Liberty, Africa’s largest health insurance provider operating in 26 countries across the continent.

Our corporate and investment banking support of the sector focuses on acute hospital groups, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostics services. Over the past decade, our team has pioneered the provision of funding and advisory services for greenfield projects such as the building of new hospitals and supporting empowered acute care groups and pharmaceutical companies. This has been achieved through our partnership with medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to enable the financing of specialist equipment and issuing the continent’s first sustainability-linked bond.



Oliver Jugadasen
Renewable Energy & Healthcare Market Development Specialist
Standard Bank Group

Oliver leads the sector focus in Africa for Renewable Energy and Healthcare in Asset Finance, which covers retail, business, commercial and corporate and investment banking clients.

Zimkita Gunya
Wealth Manager
Standard Bank Group

Zimkita is a certified financial planner and Wealth Manager at Standard Bank Wealth & Investment.