Hosted Buyers

Our hosted buyer programme is an exclusive opportunity designed to elevate your business prospects and forge valuable connections. As a privileged participant, you’ll receive a tailored itinerary, access to premium networking events, and the chance to engage with leading local and international industry suppliers. Immerse yourself in a curated environment where you can efficiently explore new partnerships, discover innovative products, and unlock untapped potential.

22 - 24 October 2024

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Hosted buyers programme

What is the programme?


A hosted buyers program is an initiative commonly employed in trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. It is designed to facilitate meaningful connections and interactions between suppliers or exhibitors and qualified buyers or attendees.

The Hosted Buyer program selects pre-qualified senior decision makers to attend Africa Health and Medlab Africa, based on their interest to do business.

Meetings will be arranged pre-event through an online platform, and have business meetings during the show.


How does it work?


Approved buyers will partake in a business matchmaking programme, which is a series of meetings arranged pre-event between exhibitors and buyers on an online platform, based on common interest. Over the 3 show days, buyers are then matched with the exhibitors to conduct their pre-scheduled meetings live, in person in dedicated meeting rooms or on the show floor.

How does it benefit me?


This programme ensures exhibitors gain facetime with high-level buyers and vice versa.

What does it entail?


The hosted buyer programme selects pre-qualified senior decision makers in the SADC region to attend Africa Health, based on their interest to do business.

Please complete the application form below and the organisers will be in touch with you directly.

For any questions contact us on [email protected]