17 - 19 October 2023

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

COMEG Symbioz Full HD Endoscopy System showcase


Tuesday, 17th October 2023 | 15:00 - 15:30

Transformation Zone | 3.K50


Join us in the launch of a new Full HD Endoscopy System and learn about its proprietary features and programmable functions delivering ease of use and convenience to users.

Company bio


Founded in 1988, SafMed has been a leading solutions partner for the South African Healthcare industry for 35 years, and specializes in the importing, production and marketing of decontamination, infection prevention and surgical products & solutions.



Justin Sheard
Marketing Manager

Justin Sheard joined SafMed in 2016 as a Group Brand Manager, and became the Marketing Manager in 2017. Prior to SafMed, Justin Sheard has worked with premium, global brands such as Conde Nast, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa, Roland South Africa and Geometry Global in a strategic and value-driven way that focuses on enhancing end-users experience and creating lasting B2B/trade partnerships.

Kurt Collison
Senior Sales Specialist

Kurt Collison joined SafMed in 2013 as a Senior Sales Specialist with a focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), product training and business development to a client base of private and provincial hospitals and clinics.